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Moravian Sugar Cake

This was a great cake that my daughter Kelly brought in for everyone here at the shop. It was an incredible dessert - everyone loved it. She has agreed to share the recipe. DTS A great recipe passed down from the early Moravians who first arrived in Savannah, Georgia in 1735, proceeded to Nazareth in 1740, then went on to establish a settlement in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1741. The Moravians were Protestants and missionaries who created closed, self sufficient communities that grew their own crops and made their own wares. Though their religion itself embraces discipline and austerity, this sugar cake recipe certainly doesn’t reflect those traits. It is a rich and decadent sugar cake that contains practically everything good and fattening from your pantry. Traditionally a Christmas treat, you will want to make this beautiful and easy cake all year round. It is easily frozen for up to 4 months – just defrost and gently reheat as directed in the following recipe.