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Pop Goes the Weasel - #E1509U11

SOLD -3:46PM 5/15/09 The classic folk song "Pop Goes the Weasel" is more than just a children's nursery rhyme. It is living art-- a song that has been modified and added to for ages, and has been popular in both America and Great Britain. In its earlier history, it was not a children's song, but was instead beloved by the aristocracy. One music sheet from the 1850s described this song as, "performed at Her Majesty's & The Nobilities Balls." It has also been used in stage productions, recordings, and children's games. While the origin and meaning of this song is difficult to unearth, it can be confidently stated that it has been beloved by both children and adults at different stages of its history. This pot has lyrics from a popular American version of the song:     "All around the cobbler's house,     The monkey chased the people.     And after them in double haste...     That's the way the money goes