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Moravian Sugar Cake

This was a great cake that my daughter Kelly brought in for everyone here at the shop. It was an incredible dessert - everyone loved it. She has agreed to share the recipe. DTS A great recipe passed down from the early Moravians who first arrived in Savannah, Georgia in 1735, proceeded to Nazareth in 1740, then went on to establish a settlement in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1741. The Moravians were Protestants and missionaries who created closed, self sufficient communities that grew their own crops and made their own wares. Though their religion itself embraces discipline and austerity, this sugar cake recipe certainly doesn’t reflect those traits. It is a rich and decadent sugar cake that contains practically everything good and fattening from your pantry. Traditionally a Christmas treat, you will want to make this beautiful and easy cake all year round. It is easily frozen for up to 4 months – just defrost and gently reheat as directed in the following recipe.

Pop Goes the Weasel - #E1509U11

SOLD -3:46PM 5/15/09 The classic folk song "Pop Goes the Weasel" is more than just a children's nursery rhyme. It is living art-- a song that has been modified and added to for ages, and has been popular in both America and Great Britain. In its earlier history, it was not a children's song, but was instead beloved by the aristocracy. One music sheet from the 1850s described this song as, "performed at Her Majesty's & The Nobilities Balls." It has also been used in stage productions, recordings, and children's games. While the origin and meaning of this song is difficult to unearth, it can be confidently stated that it has been beloved by both children and adults at different stages of its history. This pot has lyrics from a popular American version of the song:     "All around the cobbler's house,     The monkey chased the people.     And after them in double haste...     That's the way the money goes

Adam and Eve Vase - #B2709UW5

SOLD -2:00PM 3/2/09   Like the rest of us, I’ve been pretty preoccupied by the news lately. Some good, some bad, but I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner. Out of that excitement, I made 2 pots for our featured “Unique of the Week” items. One of those pieces was placed online last week. But, this one is quite different.  It’s a 1700 – 1800’s period style vase that is 9.5in tall, 7.5in wide (from handle to handle), and 5.75in at the widest point from front to back. The yellow haired Adam and Eve flank both sides of the Tree of Knowledge . The tree is applied to the face of the vase then slip trailed with manganese black and light copper on the leaves. The apples that adorn every branch are colored with museum yellow. Adam stands looking at Eve as she accepts the serpent’s gift.  The serpent winds its way from around the back, encircling the rim, then through the handle and down across the tree to Eve. I textured the serpent for scales a

Celebratory Wine Vessel - #A1609UW1

SOLD -2:30PM 1/24/09 Inspired by historic European examples , this incredible Celebratory Wine Vessel is truly a work of art. The decoration was adopted from Pennsylvania Dutch motifs giving this piece its unique and elegant design. Included with this piece are 2 hand thrown goblets with separate inscriptions around their centers. Learn more about this piece and its design techniques below. Construction, measurements and decoration Info: Vessel Information 10.75” Tall 12” Wide (handle to handle) 5.5” Diameter at base Locally mined clay Wheel thrown base and pots Hand pierced gothic arches, circles, and half moons found at the base 4 Hand sculpted birds set between the crowned vessels at the top 20 round sprigs applied from top to bottom, decorated with yellow and apple green slip dots to form stylized flowers 4 slip trailed Pennsylvania tulips between arches on base Hand formed rope handles found on the top pitcher, rear cup, and on each side of the vessel Enti

Handcrafted European Inkwell - #A0609199

SOLD -3:10PM 1/7/09 This beautiful reproduction inkwell, inspired by historic European examples , measures 8.5" long (bird tail tip to bird tail tip) and 5" tall (top of birds head). The rectangular base; slab constructed and joined together features applied roping swag, dainty slip trailed florals, and two small openings for feather quill pens. (The goose feather pen shown is included with purchase.) Sitting on the base is the sander cup and the ink cup. These two separately thrown removable redware containers have simple highlights in museum yellow and manganese that beautifully complement the overall design. Also, perched at the top back corners are two hand sculpted birds decorated in museum yellow and manganese slip.