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Adam and Eve Vase - #B2709UW5

SOLD -2:00PM 3/2/09   Like the rest of us, I’ve been pretty preoccupied by the news lately. Some good, some bad, but I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner. Out of that excitement, I made 2 pots for our featured “Unique of the Week” items. One of those pieces was placed online last week. But, this one is quite different.  It’s a 1700 – 1800’s period style vase that is 9.5in tall, 7.5in wide (from handle to handle), and 5.75in at the widest point from front to back. The yellow haired Adam and Eve flank both sides of the Tree of Knowledge . The tree is applied to the face of the vase then slip trailed with manganese black and light copper on the leaves. The apples that adorn every branch are colored with museum yellow. Adam stands looking at Eve as she accepts the serpent’s gift.  The serpent winds its way from around the back, encircling the rim, then through the handle and down across the tree to Eve. I textured the serpent for scales a