Sunday, November 9, 2014

Painted Finish History

Today I was in a clients  house working on finalizing  their kitchen  design.  It is going to mostly  be painted finishes  with Soapstone  and curly  maple counter tops. 

While I was there, I was looking at their antique  furniture  pieces.  They have some great pieces in old paint.  This dry sink has an incredible surface.  Talk about "Original  Finish"  this is it.  Look at the layers of paint and how they have worn off at the wear points.  It even has a great mouse hole. 

The zinc liner also has a great  patina. 

What a great  piece!!! 

This piece will be displayed in the dining room  which is right  off the kitchen, which will be mostly  red,  mustard and curly  maple. 


  1. I absolutely love it!! It come out gorgeous!!....awesome!...

  2. Oh, what an amazing piece of history. I would love to see how they used this piece.