Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ben Franklin Tribute Pot

This heavily researched and highly decorated pot is one of our finest pieces yet. Dedicated to one of America's most influential founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin was a leading inventor, musician, postmaster general, grandmaster, abolitionist, writer, scientist, and politician - just to name a few. This pot tells the story of Benjamin's colorful life and legacy using a combination of highly intricate redware techniques and our serious dedication to accurately representing our proud revolutionary history.

Many of our founding fathers are known for and represented our great country on the battlefield; George Washington, our first president, is among that number. Benjamin Franklin, however, used his skill of diplomacy and the written word to serve his country. His negotiating skills helped shape the early and present United States of America.

Sculpted and seated on the lid are four familiar objects that would have brought comfort and peace to our great founding father: Poor Richards Almanack (to symbolize his love and quest for knowledge, he authored this book), a candlestick (he always appreciated good light to read by), his bifocals (necessary for his exhaustive reading and research as well as his invention), and his quill pen (always a writer he enjoyed sharing his humor and philosophy). All four of these items are superbly sculpted and attached to the top of the lid.

Using his diplomatic skills to benefit our country's inception wasn't his only legacy. He began further helping the people of the United States with his many great and visionary inventions: Postal Service, Fire Department, Insurance, Night Watch & Militia to Keep Peace, Bifocals, Lighting Rod (to protect buildings and ships), and the Franklin Stove (made heating homes safer and more efficient).

Many of his inventions and inspirations have been artistically rendered on the lid of this great piece: the Odometer (ever efficient he used this to map out the mail routes for the postal service), the Glass Armonica (a musical instrument he invented in 1762, Mozart later wrote 2 works for it), the Franklin Stove, the Kite, and a Lightning Rod.

The uppermost border on the body of this pot is inscribed with many of his worthwhile professions. "Musician", "Inventor", "Postmaster General", "Grand Master", "American", "Writer", "Scientist", and "Politician" all appear at the uppermost border. Below that, the body of the pot has an identifiable portrait of Benjamin beautifully etched in the front, as well as his birth, death date, and location. The opposite side has an inscription that reads: "I now take up a resolution to do for the future all that lies in my way for the service of my countrymen." Benjamin Franklin further sought to cultivate his character by a plan of thirteen virtues that he listed in his autobiography. We have included these virtues, which are located at the stem/base of the pot that connects the body to the foot. The virtues listed are: "Temperance", "Silence", "Order", "Resolution", "Frugality", "Industry", "Sincerity", "Justice", "Moderation", "Cleanliness", "Tranquility", "Chastity", and "Humility".

Benjamin Franklin was also the only individual to sign all four documents that were necessary to negotiate the peaceful inception and government of our great nation. Those documents are: "The Declaration of Independence", "The Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce with France", "The Treaty of Peace Between England, France, and The United States", and "The Constitution of 1787". All four of these documents are listed at the foot of this great piece in an illuminated and decorated rectangular panel.

This one of a kind piece has copper, manganese, and sgraffito decoration on a museum yellow background. The pot has top-to-bottom manganese dot illumination, apple green decoration, translucent copper highlights, and all over sgraffito decoration. There are too many individual details to mention on this beautiful piece - we hope the photos do it justice.

*Note - Inside the lid of the pot, you'll find a hidden inscription that reads: "Inject yourself each morning with a dose of responsibility, respect and discepline." The artist, Chris Woods, has also included a small bird on branch.

•Total Height: 19.25in
•Total Width: 10.5in
•Base Diameter: 8in

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