Thursday, January 22, 2009

Celebratory Wine Vessel - #A1609UW1

SOLD -2:30PM 1/24/09
Inspired by historic European examples, this incredible Celebratory Wine Vessel is truly a work of art. The decoration was adopted from Pennsylvania Dutch motifs giving this piece its unique and elegant design. Included with this piece are 2 hand thrown goblets with separate inscriptions around their centers. Learn more about this piece and its design techniques below.
Construction, measurements and decoration Info:
    Vessel Information
  • 10.75” Tall
  • 12” Wide (handle to handle)
  • 5.5” Diameter at base
  • Locally mined clay
  • Wheel thrown base and pots
  • Hand pierced gothic arches, circles, and half moons found at the base
  • 4 Hand sculpted birds set between the crowned vessels at the top
  • 20 round sprigs applied from top to bottom, decorated with yellow and apple green slip dots to form stylized flowers
  • 4 slip trailed Pennsylvania tulips between arches on base
  • Hand formed rope handles found on the top pitcher, rear cup, and on each side of the vessel
  • Entire piece slip trailed using mustard yellow, apple green copper, and manganese black
  • Light manganese sponging surrounding the lip of each cup
  • Fired with a flowing lead glaze giving the piece its honey dipped shine

    Goblets Information
  • 4.25” Tall
  • 4” Diameter
  • Manganese sponging around the shoulders
  • Slip trailed museum yellow “S” curves to for a stylized rope decoration.
  • Cup 1 inscribed with “This little cup holds a drop that will our drooping spirits prop”
  • Cup 2 inscribed with “Drink, drink while ye have breath for there is no drinking after death”
  • Each have a museum yellow slip trailed floral motif
Artist, Chris Woods, combined multiple redware decorating techniques and clay construction methods to lay the foundation for this vessel’s unique artistic personality. For over 15 years, Chris has hand crafted museum quality 17th and 18th Century reproduction redware that fools the most avid antique savvy observer.

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